Web Browsers

Safari's shortcomings – no Flash video capability and no response to sites that rely on mouse hovering – have led app creators to produce alternatives, each with their own quirks. Here are my choices in the order I rate them:


Rating: ++

Dolphin, originally an Android app, claims to be the first and only gesture browser. It produces pages in a neat and clean Flipboard style (without images). The expanded text version, produced when you tap on the summary, is equally pleasant to read. You can flip through these pages as with the introductions.Teasing

The introductions, however, break text after something like 256 chars. When you call up the page in full view this too breaks off after a few paragraphs. Very frustrating.

It took me some time, since iApps are not great on providing help, to realize that the full story lay behind the expanded text. All I needed to do was touch the right of the screen to call it up. This is better than any other browsers I know.


But saving pages or stocking them offline for times when you are not hooked up to the Internet seems impossible. This brings its utility down to almost zero, in relation to Safari, where you can link to ReadItLater. But many of its facilities are too well hidden.

Built-in bookmarks

It offers an editable built-in bookmarks, I discovered around the same time, made visible by swiping from the left. Nothing special, except your browsing history, Wikipedia and the Weather Channel. But presumably some people want eBay, Amazon and MySpace always at their fingertips.


I'm not sure the gesturing capability is more than a gimmick. You describe a carat to go to the top, a v to go to the bottom, G for google, and Y for YouTube.

You can create your own gestures, but why would you want to describe a W, for example, to go to the weather channel, rather than simply bookmark it?