iPad for Newbies

Start the iPad

The red arrow indicates where you will have to press to start up the iPad (click on the photo for a big view). The yellow arrow indicates the speakers. It's easy to press against these by mistake when you are holding it.

ipad back view

Shut down the iPad

Press the start/stop button (indicated by the red arrow). To shut it off completely, hold the button down till a red message appears on the screen telling you to swipe along the message to close it down. When you do this it can take a couple of minutes to loead everything up again when you restart it.

Halt a problem app

Rarely an app will freeze on you. There's a simple way to deal with this. Holding down the On/Off button (red arrow again) until the message comes up telling you to swipe it. Don't do it. Press the cancel option at the bottom of the screen. All should then be OK. If not, shut it down completely as indicated above.

Secure your iPad

Chances are you will become so attached to the iPad you will want to take it everywhere. At that time, it makes sense to put a security code on it to ensure that if it is stolen or you lose it, no-one can get into it. You 'll find what you need in the Settings, General, Password Lock section. Enter a four-digit pin. You might want to check that Find iPhone is working on your computer. How do you do that? See the next section.

Find an App on your iPad

ipad front view


Tap the Home Button (yellow arrow, or click on the picture for a larger view), the tap Home again. This brings up a panel where you can type what you are looking for (in this case Find iPhone). Long before you reach the first n, Find iPhone will appear at the top of the list. Tap on this to call up Find, iPhone which will first give you a map of your position and then any devices it can find.