iPad for Newbies

Controlling your apps in iOS 7


Remember that since iOS 7 you can search for programs (apps) and other things on your iPad by sweeping your finger down the screen. Don't start too high, otherwise you will bring down the calendar, and you will have to find the up arrow at the bottom of the screen and swipe up to get rid of it.

(iPads used to call up search by forcing you to go to the Home Screen and pressing the big button again. Apple is as good as Microsoft in finding more complicated ways to do simple chores.)

Be prepared to triple-click

Triple-clicking the big button slowly from an app now takes you out of your app, back to the original screen and maybe the original folder if you keep your apps in foldets) and finally to your home screen.

If you have no app running, the third click which used to take you to the search/control panel now does nothing. And if you have gotten used to doing an extra click when you see the Home Screen, too bad.

Very confusing for old iPad users who bought Apple because they thought it would be more intuitive. I don't know Apple didn't leave the old slow triple- or quadr-click alone.

See what's running

Double-clicking fast in iOS 7 gives you a line of icons at the bottom of the screen of all the programs you have open, even from within an app.

If you want to call one up, touch the big screen above the icon.

Closing an app

To close the program (not really necessary but you may want to reduce your choices), swipe up from the big picture (a screenshot) and it will vanish from the list.

If you've been used to holding down on an app icon at the bottom of the screen and waiting for it to wiggle so that you could press the x in the top left corner to shut it down, you know why Apple is probably phasing it out. Do it to an icon on the desktop, and not on the live list, and it is gone from your system. You have to download it again from the Apple store's Purchased section. One gesture, two different results, one really annoying if unintended.