iApps: reviews of iPad apps, and guides

By Peter Hulm


This is a continuously update overview of Apps I have dowloaded and tested. I date them because their producers issue regular updates that improve performance. I try to keep up-to-date but it is difficult.

App Apps

2 April 2012

Apple's App Store +

App Tracker ++++

AppAdvice ++++

App Hits +++

Discovr Apps ++

AppFree HD +


My favourite place for App news, Gizmodo, issued a new list of its favorite Apps at the end of May 2012. The site is definitely worth a visit.

Web Browsers

12 February 2012

Dolphin Browser +++

Web Readers

February 2011

ReadItLater +++++

InstaPaper ++++

Evernote ++++


Writing Kit +++

November 2011

AppAdvice, my favorite app for apps, has a section in its AppStart facility on text editors. Somewhat grudgingly, it gives the top prize to Writing Kit. But it notes that its files do not sync with iCloud, only Dropbox.

IOS Text Editors (produced by Brett Terpstra with crowd support. Hint: more greens are better)


31 July 2012

iTunes ++

Apple Podcasts App ++

InstaCast +++

Download ++++