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Ten Web page production tips

See also: Ten things you need to know about the Web

 1. Go for the freebies

 2. Don't use top-of-the-line Browser specific instructions

 3. Check out the opposition

 4. Keep those images down in size

 5. Repeat images

 6. Don't forget to provide alternatives to the images

 7. Careful with those videos

 8. Use your word processor

Chances are your word-processing program has a facility for converting texts into HTML. It can often be easier to work with tables (for graphics and text) through the word processor than with the layout program. You can usually do a lot more with the Search and Replace controls (removing double spacing and choosing special bullet characters, for example). But don't do too much. The HTML converters tend to be verbose and difficult to fix. So find out what you can do more easily in Word whatever, and use them. I have a separate article on this.

 9. Put bookmarks on your page

10. Schedule your production

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