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Ten Web page production tips

See also: Ten things you need to know about the Web

 1. Go for the freebies

 2. Don't use top-of-the-line Browser specific instructions

 3. Check out the opposition

 4. Keep those images down in size

 5. Repeat images

 6. Don't forget to provide alternatives to the images

 7. Careful with those videos

"There are certain hardwired facts about human visual response that you'd be a fool to ignore. Like if you put a video on a page, a reader won't look at anything else. As animals we've evolved to be aware of any motion around us. It might eat us – or it might get us something to eat." — Roger Black (1997:121). Note, though, that VRML (virtual reality) pages will often prove smaller than animated GIFs. Few people, however, have VRML readers/applets as yet.

 8. Use your word processor

 9. Put bookmarks on your page

10. Schedule your production


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