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Ten Web page production tips

See also: Ten things you need to know about the Web

 1. Go for the freebies

 2. Don't use top-of-the-line Browser specific instructions

 3. Check out the opposition

 4. Keep those images down in size

Keep them below 20K, Laura Lemay advises. See Less means more. This is what Roger Black says: "We found that if we put in a fancy action adventure video that starts as soon as you open a page, it might be cool the first time, but when you come back to pick up another reference on the same page, you might not want to look at the same damn video again." — Black (1997:114). The same goes for HTML links that open up automatically (Infobeat/Environmental News Network/Wired Financial Report, to quote my most persistent aggravators).

  5. Repeat images

 6. Don't forget to provide alternatives to the images

 7. Careful with those videos

 8. Use your word processor

 9. Put bookmarks on your page

10. Schedule your production

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