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Ten Web page production tips

See also: Ten things you need to know about the Web

 1. Go for the freebies

 2. Don't use top-of-the-line Browser specific instructions

These are the instructions I hate but find myself using.

  • Click here (for the mouseless)

  • Use Click/Select this (if possible: it's easy to get too picky about this).

  • Back button, for those who use arrows

    Say: Go back or Previous. Even better, describe the page it returns you to: Home/Events/etc.

  • Go to the File Menu andů

    Indicate what you want the browser to do.


  • Be consistent
  • Keep your repeat texts/graphics, in the same place
  • Specify alternatives to images (<IMG SRC=image.gif ALT="name of old cat">

These days most Websites will expect you to have Netscape 3.0 or Microsoft Explorer 3.0. Even better if you have versions 4 and later. What coding you use depends on what you think your Website will be doing. My recommendation last year was to create a simple Website inside your full bells-and-whistles site. These days I think you can count on people having version 4 browsers at the very least: that means you can use frames, (even better) stylesheets, layers and dynamic html.

3. Check out the opposition

 4. Keep those images down in size

 5. Repeat images

 6. Don't forget to provide alternatives to the images

 7. Careful with those videos

 8. Use your word processor

 9. Put bookmarks on your page

10. Schedule your production

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