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I find it easier to give sources a short name and then explain the reference here (easier to alphabetize). I'm also in favour of giving the ISBN rather than the place of publication (often many places these days) but this has the drawback that the UN often does not seek ISBN numbers for its works.

Amis - Kingsley Amis (1997) The King's English. Penguin 1998.

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Economist - The Economist Style Guide

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Microsoft – Microsoft Corporation (1995) The Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications. ISBN: 1-55615-939-0.

NSOED - New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary (CD-ROM 1997) .

OBD - Oxford Business Dictionary, part of ORS.

OC - The Oxford Companion to the English Language (1992), edited by Tom McArthur.

ODC - Oxford Dictionary of Computing, part of ORS.

ODS - Oxford Dictionary of Science, part of ORS.

ODWE - Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors (1994, CD-ROM Oxford Reference Shelf).

OM - The Oxford Modern English Dictionary (1992).

ORS - Oxford Reference Shelf (1994), CD- ROM.

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UN - United Nations Editorial Manual (1983): Department of Conference Services ST/DCS/2, Sales No. E. 83.I.16. It was prepared by Anna May Nielsen, a consultant.

UN new - United Nations Editorial Manual online (continuously updated)

Vallins - G.H. Vallins (1951) Good English: how to write it , Pan (1956, revised).

WHO - WHO Editorial Style Manual (1993) .