Citizen Kane

Kane and Hearst
The impact of Kane

"There were fantastic stories of the wonders taking place in Hollywood. A twenty-seven-year-old genius named Orson Welles had revolutionized the cinema; he had succeeded in giving the backgrounds of his shots as clear a focus as the foreground, and in his interior shots the ceilings were visible. The technical revolution was so complete, it was said, that we would need special equipment to show the latest American films." - Simone de Beauvoir (1963) p20.

"It was the first spring of peace. They were showing Prévert's Les Enfants du Paradis in Paris, and at last some American films: I Married a Witch, My Girl Friday and The Old Maid with Bette Davis. I was a little disappointed. Where was the revolution that was convulsing the cinema?" - ibid, p38.

"Citizen Kane was finally shown in Paris: yes, Orson Welles had revolutionized the cinema." -- ibid, p103.


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